The Master of Arts in Business and Managerial Economics, MABE (International program) is a highly innovative one year program (Full-time student) and two year program (Part-time student) designed to meet the needs of companies and international organization in a growing world economy. Along with the process of globalization involving cooperation and integration of business activities, there is a high demand for individuals who have capacity and skills in working in the global economy. With the segmentation of national markets, changing technologies, and increase opportunities created by new entrepreneurial structures, graduate studies need to be more global, comprehensive, and technologically oriented.

The MABE represents a response to these demands of the international business community to prepare young managers for their international careers. The program provides a thorough grounding in the functional areas of business economics as well as understanding of business and managerial applications for global management perspective.

The MABE program was established in 1997 as a result of increasing demand of domestic graduate level studies and a response toward the effects of the economic instability. The curriculum taught in class employs lectures, case studies, and group work projects that encourage students to develop a creative approach towards the subject.

Aim of the Program
The M.A. in Business and Managerial Economics’ main goal is to develop student’s analytical and decision-making skills which can lead them to careers in the business, government or consulting fields. Experienced professional economists within the program will create an oddslot opportunity for students to influence and determine the formulation of management strategies and policies according to their understanding of our rapidly changing environment. Business economists’ works vary from the tactics of pricing and investment decision to an understanding of the context of national economies and global patterns of trade. Study in this field is a profession requiring adaptability, analytical skills, and ability to work with professionals from other disciplines.

Approach of the Program
The program has been designed under close consultation of practical business economists and public organizations employing business economist. With such consultation, this builds a wide understanding and ability of analyzing economic issue for the students.

The program is open to all graduates from numerous disciplines and nationalities. The students can gain exposure through working closely with professors and colleagues from different cultures and through linguistic acquisition and research assignments. The program also encourages learning through other media such as conferences, field trips, and meeting with professionals.