Individual Study: Processes and Schedule (Part-Time 22)

Criteria in writing an Individual Study

Oct 2023MABE committees nominate an adviser.
Student can discuss the topic with your advisor.
Nov. 30, 2023Submit IS topic to MABE Program via
Dec. 2023MABE committees nominate a chairperson and a committee for each IS report.
Late Feb 20241. Register an Individual Study (IS):
Student visits a CU iThesis website at
and fill in “Profile” and “Electronics Form”
2. Submit an IS draft report with a “Set1” Turnitin result to the advisor.
3. Submit a proposal (IS draft report)
submit a proposal to CU iThesis website and ask your advisor to approve a proposal.
Mar. 10, 2024IS Presentation:
According to the date and time set by MABE committees.
Full attendance is required
Mar. 11-22, 2024Complete and submit an IS report:
1. Complete an IS report (according to your advisor’s suggestions) with a “Set2” Turnitin result.
2. Submit a complete IS report to CU iThesis website and ask your advisor to approve your complete IS report
Mar. 24, 2024Submit documents to MABE Program.
1. Submit a “documents for submission of complete Dissertation”
* with an advisor signature.
2. Submit complete IS report (with barcode)
*The document is able to download from iThesis system.

Criteria in writing an Individual Study

1. Each student must write one paper of the selected topic.

2. The number of words must be at least 7,000 words.

3. The paper will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin.
The similarity index must be less than 20 percent, otherwise your paper is not accepted.

Score Distribution

  • Presentation 25 point (All IS Committees)
  • Individual Paper 50 point (Advisor)
  • Case Study 25 point

Download PDF: [Processes and Schedule relating to iThesis]
Link to Turnitin Manual for Student