Guideline for the Prevention and Control of 2019-nCoV at Chulalongkorn University

Due to the recent outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province in China and spread internationally to countries including Thailand, Chulalongkorn University is deeply concerned about the situation and the well-being of its staff and students.

In light of this worrying health circumstance, the following health recommendations have been issued:

  1. All students and personnel of the university are advised to wear protective masks particularly in congested areas and to avoid exposure to those with a fever or any respiratory symptoms;
  2. All units within the university are advised to promote hand hygiene through provision of soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers particularly in the event of contact with secretion from susceptible patients of 2019-nCoV;
  3. For students or personnel returning from overseas particularly the People’s Republic of China in the past month, if a fever or respiratory symptom is detected, please make sure to visit the Chulalongkorn University Health Service Center (Chamchuri 9 Building) at once or call Hotline: 0-2218-0000 (Emergency or Off hours) to receive proper screening, monitoring and surveillance of symptoms.
  4. For those from the People’s Republic of China who have not yet returned, we strongly advise that they remain there to continue monitoring the symptoms for at least two more weeks to comply with the Thai Ministry of Public Health’s announcement on this matter.

Under this highly critical health situation posing great risks to all involved, the university is compelled to elevate its health prevention and control measures in accordance with universally accepted public health standards.  We ask for the kind collaboration and understanding of all members of the university community in this matter and shall be issuing more updated notifications in due time via the Chulalongkorn University’s website.




  1. 要求所有学生和工作人员戴上口罩,以防止感染,在人多拥挤的地方,避免近距离接触发烧或呈现呼吸系统异常的症状者。
  2. 所有单位必须配备卫生设备和设施,向学生和工作人员提供含酒精的肥皂或洗手液。
  3. 对于在过去一个月从国外(尤其是中国)回来的学生和工作人员,包括与上述人员有接触的人在内,若发烧或出现呼吸道异常症状,请赶紧到朱拉隆功大学医疗服务中心(Chamchuri9楼)看医生,也可以拨打电热线02-218-0000(紧急或非办公时间),以便进行疾病筛查、监测与随访。
  4. 对于尚未从中国回来的学生和工作人员,要求将旅程推迟两周,以监测症状并严格遵守泰国卫生部公布的相关规定及措施。


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