Thai Hotel Resilience during Covid-19

Issue 2023 No.3 | April 2023


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the tourism industry in Thailand, particularly on the hotel sector. However, some Thai hotels have shown remarkable resilience during this challenging time. This article explores the business strategy adopted by the Thai hotel industry, and how hotels have managed to survive during this challenging time. Additionally, the article provides insights into the future trends of Thai tourism. The content of the article covers the characteristics of the Thai hotel industry, the impact of Covid-19, government policies, management strategies, and future tourism trends.


The objective of this article is to analyze the impact of Covid-19 on the Thai hotel industry and to understand the strategies and actions that Thai hotels used to survive during the pandemic. The article also aims to provide insights into the future trends of Thai tourism and offer recommendations on how Thai hotels can continue to thrive in a post-Covid world.

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