MABE Back & Ahead

The MABE Program was established in June 1997 as a result of increasing demand of domestic graduate studies and a response toward the effects of the economic instability.

MABE is designed to meet the needs of students who seek a business orientation in their study of economics. The primary goal is to give students basic economic insights into important business issues in financial market, strategic management, marketing management, international management, and human resource management. The program also applies theoretical rigour to practical business issues.

The MABE Program celebrated its 26th Anniversary in 2022. Through last 26 years, our postgraduates have been very successful in the job market. With a further move, we recognize the workings of the current global economy and high quality of the study in business economics and management. We have revised and designed the content to create leaders in public and private sectors with a good knowledge of the impact of different economic policies on financial market, political situation and consumer behavior and capable to develop competitive strategies. We remain to run a balance of vigour and rigour, but a top-class learning environment is a momentous goal.

Moreover, the program has planned to launch a joint degree program with our partner universities in the near future. The dual degree program is designed to integrate and applies knowledge in business administration, management and economic theories to the dynamic environment and globalization. With this respect, students will have an opportunity to broaden their experience by studying abroad under the student exchange program.

Currently, we have an academic collaboration with well-known universities in Singapore, Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, and USA.