Turnitin Instructions


When you login to Turnitin with the provided login and password, there are multiple assignments (First Draft, Final Draft, and Final report).

First Draft assignment dues on December 24th, 2018. You submit your work to this assignment as many times as you like to make sure that your final draft meets the similarity index requirement (less than 20 %). MABE will not grade this assignment. You can keep using this assignment for your own benefit until February 15th, 2019 (Final Report due date).

On December 24th, you must submit a copy of your first draft to your IS advisor for review. The advisor’s comments will help you improve the report. You must contact your advisor regarding how to submit your work in each assignment.

Final Draft assignment will be opened for submission between January 13th, 2019 and January 20th, 2019. Each student MUST submit his/her copy for evaluation and enter the result of the Turnitin similarity index in a consolidated form provided by the MABE office.

  • Files must be named as “Company’s name_# no.topics_Student ID. Name”, for example, “Hillkoff_# 1 Management_608XXXXX29 Somchai Jaidee.docx” ***THIS IS IMPORTANT TO AVOID CONFUSION***
  • Each student can submit file to this assignment only onceMake sure that this is your final version (you can use the First Draft assignment to precheck your paper).
  • The turnitin system will not accept a late submission (server time at the midnight of the January 20th night).
  • Each student must send (email of) your final draft report (the same one you submit to Turnitin) to both MABE program and your advisor.

Final Report assignment

Your final report file must be named as “Final Report – Company’s name_#no.topics_Student ID. Name.docx ” The turnitin system will open for submission between February 1th, 2019 and February 15th, 2019. You can use your First Draft assignment to pre-check your final report.


For these assignments, Turnitin will not check and report any similarity in the reference.